On the Illegitimacy of Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan (Regarding Threats and Challenges to the Armenian People and Armenia Resulting from the Activities of Nikol Pashinyan and His Government)

External actors, along with their internal accomplices, who undermined the management system of the Defense Forces of Artsakh and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia during the last days of the     44-day war, maintained Nikol Pashinyan’s status as Prime Minister of Armenia during the 2021 elections to secure a convenient executor for dismantling the state-reservation “Republic of Armenia”, while also demonstrating ostentatious, false support on this issue from the Armenian population.

Recently, an incredible event occurred during Prime Minister Pashinyan’s speech. In his statements, he legally acknowledged his own illegitimacy:

– It was stated that the territories of four so-called disputed villages are not territories of the Republic of Armenia;

– During the election of the prime minister, residents of these villages voted for him.

If these villages are not territories of the Republic of Armenia, then such elections cannot be legitimate because it turns out that people voted for him from the territory of another, enemy country with which the Republic of Armenia is in a state of armed confrontation.

If these villages are territories of the Republic of Armenia, then there is evidence of state treason, with corresponding law enforcement actions in such cases.

In either of these cases, this individual does not possess any authority regarding the Republic of Armenia, and appropriate actions are required concerning this individual.


Today, the operating for over 100 years unpunished genocidal machine of usury of the dark forces of the world community, implementing Meritocide (1) against the Armenian people worldwide, using kakistocrats(2) of the government, created by them, of the state-reservation named Republic of Armenia. And this is contrary to the fundamental decisions of the world community, which at the highest level recognized de jure and de facto the title of the territory of the state of Armenia. The status of capitulant of the government of the Sultanate of the Ottoman Empire they artificially “assigned” to the entire Armenian people.

This is chutzpah (3)!

The first training step in violating the constitutional rights in Armenia by the kakistocrats of the government of the state-reservation was implemented in May 2018, when the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia was violated, i.e., a piece of land near the village of Khachik in the Vayots Dzor region on the border with Nakhichevan was transferred to a hostile state under the pretext of visiting Azerbaijani cemeteries.

Violation of one point of the Constitution leads to the invalidity of the entire Basic Law, and the agenda includes the issue of restoring the Constitution of Armenia. According to the intention of the designers, such a fact of legal and legal vacuum of the non-functioning Constitution will allow all perpetrators to evade criminal responsibility in the future for their atrocities against the citizens of Armenia and the entire Armenian people, namely:

– for exiting the negotiating process of the Minsk Group of the OSCE initiated by the international community and for resolving the issue of Artsakh by military means;

– for defeat in the war, acquiring the status of capitulant;

– for sacrificing the flower of the nation, leading to the absence of population reproduction for three generations;

– for failure to comply with the Declaration of Independence, violation of the Constitution, laws, legal and regulatory acts of Armenia;

– for surrendering strategic locations and communications from the territory of the allied republic of the Armenian SSR;

– for the closure of universities, scientific centers, and creative unions under the pretext of creating a new academic town, with the intention of further selling off liquid real estate and land plots for shopping centers and hotels;

– for illegal schemes of budget spending through so-called tenders for land-road construction works, deforestation, and greenery cutting of cities and villages;

– for opening transport corridors violating the sovereign rights of Armenia, paving the way for drug trafficking, child trafficking and organ trade, arms trade, and turnover of historical and cultural heritage artifacts;

– for creating chaos within the country, etc.

Therefore, all decisions, documents, and agreements adopted by the administration of the state-reservation initially cannot have a legal basis, will be unequivocally canceled by the Armenian people, and in the future, will be annulled.

The State of Armenia (Republic of Western Armenia) is authorized to declare that the administration of the state-reservation is not authorized to make any decisions regarding the fate of the Armenian people, as well as the territories of the Armenian civilization area, including the territory of the state-reservation.

Martik Gasparyan
President of the State of Armenia (Republic of Western Armenia)

April 4, 2024


(1) Meritocide – deliberate destruction of the best forces in society.

(2) Kakistocracy – (from Greek kakiotoc “worst”) – a system of government run by the worst, least qualified, and most unscrupulous citizens.

(3) Chutzpah – particularly audacious, malicious, and brazen lying. For example, when a victim is represented as if they themselves ended their life by suicide.